Sleep Apnea Treatment

What Sleep Apnea Treatment Is Available?

South San Francisco dentist Dr. Kenneth Hovden, DDS has extensive experience and training in snoring and sleep apnea treatment with Oral Appliance Therapy. Dr. Hovden’s practice in Daly City near Pacifica is unique in offering a variety of oral dental appliances to better meet your individual needs, helping you achieve a restful, quiet sleep.

In addition, Dr. Hovden’s office in Daly City has the benefit of Pharyngometry Technology on site. Sound waves are used to measure the interior spaces of the mouth and throat. This information is valuable in diagnosing the source of your sleep disorder, and providing the best snoring and sleep apnea treatment.

Dr. Hovden will consider these factors in suggesting a specific snoring or sleep apnea dental appliance:

  • Severity of sleep apnea
  • Size of soft palate and tongue
  • Jaw range of motion
  • Patient’s bite
  • Jaw structure
  • Teeth clinching or grinding
  • Health of teeth and gums

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recognized Oral Appliance Therapy as an effective first line treatment of choice for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. Here are just some of the benefits of a sleep apnea dental appliance:

  • Easy to tolerate — Nine in ten patients wear the sleep apnea dental appliance all night, every night! Unlike the CPAP sleep apnea machine which patients find difficult to tolerate, compliance with an oral appliance is easy to achieve!
  • Immediate results — Many patients experience relief the very first night the sleep apnea dental appliance is worn.
  • Easily adjusted — Sleep apnea dental appliances are easily adjusted, making them comfortable. It is simple to maintain the best fit.
  • Simple and effective — With Oral Appliance Therapy, there is no need for surgery, medication or the CPAP sleep apnea machine.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance?

Every patient’s situation is different. To determine the best sleep apnea treatment for you, contact South San Francisco dentist Dr. Kenneth Hovden today at his Daly City office at 415-494-8293 for a complementary consultation to discuss your individual situation. Dr. Hovden can answer all your questions and show you the options available for you for your sleep apnea treatment!